down under!

here are some pictures of my recent holiday to australia and new zealand :D
snow day in nz
night lights in sydney

picnic day in canberra


mixed up

hellooooo :)
this has been an exhausting weekend. we just had a long weekend but unfortunately it's full of studying. thank god wednesday will be the last day of block test. 
so saturday was full on study mode! but it was super fun because i studied math with my best girl bianca and my best boy leonard. so it was fun-study (not boring-study). and later on steffi cella and wynn also came to my house. we checked out *censored*'s photos and we laughed like hell! hahahah :D i swear i laughed so hard i teared up a lil bit :P
and todaaay which is sunday, as usual i went to church. then i went home and finished up my project presentation. but i felt totally bored and depressed because i was alone in my house. until finally at 4.00pm leonard came :) we studied agama while eating fries in fish&co. and at around 6.00pm he went home. i think now i'm gonna study some more MATH. wish us all st. laurensia nerds on our block test! 



me and febi

with caca. otw to pcd concert!

jephud, inez, conny, sharon, joshine

joshine and vani :)